Open Educational Resources (OERs)

What is an OER?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are teaching/learning materials or courseware that are freely available and licensed to anyone to develop, use, remix, reproduce and redistribute.

Why Teacher-Librarians need to be familiar with OERs
  • Here in Washington State, our legislature has passed legislation (HB 2337) establishing that "the state's recent adoption of common core K-12 standards provides an opportunity to develop a library of high-quality, openly licensed K-12 courseware that is aligned with these standards."
  • TLs are explicitly identified in the legislation.
  • TLs are in a position to lead the collection development process, alignment of OERs with Common Core State Standards and integration of these resources in the classroom.
  • OERs have the potential to impact all aspects of a Library Information and Technology Program
  • For more specific information and support, do not hesitate to contact Washington's Department of Digital Learning OER Program Manager Barbara Soots at 360.725.6102.
Recommended Reading/Viewing
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