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03 Oct 2013 12:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings! Carolyn has provided this very helpful summary you might want to keep on file for advocacy reference (see the paragraph I underlined). You can also use the data to compare to your own teaching situation based on your own school’s population.

Sara Glass, NBCT

When HB 2261 was passed in 2009, they developed the prototype school model which included teacher librarians staffing as part of what the state basic education allowance (per student basic funding) would be based on.  Nothing in the prototype school model  was considered a "mandate" but it showed the priorities that the state felt should be available for all students and what the state believed it's money would be going towards.  The intent is to make sure that the districts, should they not be providing teacher-librarians, have a good excuse as to why they are not providing any money towards that. HB 2261 indicated that the teacher-librararian funding should move towards 1.0 FTE per prototype school.

The percentage occurred in 2010 as part of HB 2776 which took all existing state per student funding and divided it roughly based on what was happening currently in school districts.  There was no new money at that point just a "crosswalk" of existing dollars into the new system.

As McCleary is funded the intent is to move to 1.0 FTE T-Ls per prototype school by 2017.  In the meantime, the percentage is meant to indicate the amount of state funding that is allocated for a teacher-librarian position -- certainly not a mandate that is the only amount available for teacher-librarians.   If the district provides no t-ls then they will be accountable to the state as to why not.

Our advocacy efforts now need to be directed at moving towards the 1.0 FTE for T-Ls in prototype schools.  The MSCOC dollars were increased this year and the total BEA was increased as well (which would increase the dollar amount per student that the current t-l percentage is applied to).  

This is why the library study is so important and needs to be completed ASAP.  We need this ammo to ensure an increase in the next bieennium to 1.0 FTEs per prototype school and also to show that school districts are hurting their students by eliminating teacher-librarians.

Remember the prototype school levels are:

  • High school: 600 FTE students in grades 9 through 12;
  • Middle school: 432 FTE students in grades 7 and 8; and
  • Elementary school: 400 FTE students in grades kindergarten through 6.

This means that if a high school has 1200 students, the state allocation for a teacher librarian would actually be 1.046.  An elementary school with 600 students would receive a staffing FTE allocation from the state of .9945 (almost 1).


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