Middle School Pathfinders and Other Resources
Causes of Conflict
Checks and Balances
  • Governor's veto
  • Washington state court cases that have checked the power of legislative or governor
  • Andrew Jackson's use of presidential veto
  • Forced removal of the Cherokee
  • Supreme Court cases reviewed by John Marshall, Supreme Court
  • Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 
Constitutional issues
Dig Deep
Enduring Cultures

Humans and the Environment

International relations
  • Regulations/policies from WTO , NAFTA, etc
  • Fair trade movement
  • Trade regulations affecting apples, wine, steel, computer technology, etc.
  • Intellectual property laws
Meeting Wants and Needs

  • Anti-Monopoly Movement
  • Effects of US Tariffs
  • Expansion of Territory
  • Fair Labor Policies
  • Federal Banking System
  • Government Programs
  • International Economics
  • Populating Unpopulated Areas
  • Price Fixing
  • Commerce
  • Raising Revenue

People on the Move (Primary Source Documents)

Acquisition and Opening Up of Land for Settlement

American Indians and the Settlers Who Took Their Lands

Increasing Opportunity for Migration and Settlement

Forced Migration

Limitations Imposed on Immigration and Settlement

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