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Publication, Subscription and Distribution

As the official publication of the Washington Library Media Association (WLMA), the MEDIUM publishes two times annually: September and May (changed 03/16/2013). Each issue may appear in print and/or digital format. Current paid membership in WLMA includes a subscription to the MEDIUM. Individual subscriptions (not included in membership) are available for $25 annually. Subscriptions can ONLY be sold through WLMA (no third-party vendors). For individual subscriptions, please contact WLMA Attn: Merrilyn Tucker, 10924 Mukilteo Speedway PMB 142 Mukilteo, WA 98275.

WLMA distributes all print issues via bulk mailing with the United States Postal Service to its members and MEDIUM subscribers. Digital issues (E-MEDIUM) appear in two formats: Issuu (web based reader) and as portable document format (pdf).


Significant portions of the MEDIUM’s costs are covered through advertising. For basic advertising guidelines and costs, please view the WLMA MEDIUM Advertising Guidelines (PDF). For contract information, please view WLMA MEDIUM Advertising Contract. For any additional information or to place an ad please contact the MEDIUM Advertising Manager and 2014 Conference Vendor Coordinator, Susan Jenkins (

Editorial Policy

The Washington Library Media Association reserves the right to make the final judgment on all submitted material or advertising copy. Articles and graphics may be edited for clarity, style, format, and size. The inclusion of an article, graphic, or advertisement does not necessarily express the opinion or constitutes an endorsement by the Washington Library Media Association. All responsibility and liability for the content of advertising rests with the individual advertiser. Unless otherwise stated, each contributor retains copyright.


The Washington Library Media Association retains electronic representation and distribution rights to the contents of its publication the MEDIUM. Furthermore, WLMA reserves the right to use text, photos, and artwork from the MEDIUM in subsequent editions, with notification to the submitter if possible. Otherwise, all rights revert to the creator/author of the work. The contents of the MEDIUM from Fall 2004 and later appear electronically in EBSCO's Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) database.

Issue Timelines

 Copy Deadline  Advertising Deadline  Delivery
 June 30
 July 15
 Spring  April 10
 April 15

Guidelines for MEDIUM Articles

The MEDIUM reflects the state of the Washington Library Media Association and the teacher-librarian profession in Washington. Each issue promotes a preselected theme. While theme articles have priority, articles outside the theme are welcomed and accepted for publication based on space availability along with consideration of the article’s relevance to the profession. Articles can vary in length from four paragraphs to one or two finished MEDIUM pages, (approximately 800 to 1,800 words) depending on pictures and graphics. All articles may be subject to editing for clarity, style, format, and size.

 Issue Themes

      Fall 2014:  WLMA Annual Conference

Format and Guidelines

The MEDIUM as a professional journal adheres to a formal style.
Please use the following style guide:

  • Word processing format with a title for the article at the top.
  • Single spaces between sentences and single spaced lines for paragraph.
  • Full words rather than contractions. ex: do not rather than don’t, cannot rather than can’t
  • Acronyms are spelled out the first time it appears words first followed by the acronym in parentheses. Subsequent use of the acronym alone is then acceptable reference in the remainder of the article. For an example, please see the first paragraph of this page under Publications and Subscriptions.
  • Correct spelling of commonly used words: listserv (not listserve); website (no capital unless at the start of sentence), Internet (always capitalized), e-mail (not email) and teacher-librarian.
  • Dates: use the month and number only. Ex: May 15 (not May 15th).
  • Active voice rather than a passive voice in the article. ex: “This class teaches about e-books” (active) rather than “This class will teach about e-books” (passive).
  • Edit and have a peer edit the article for spelling, grammar and clarity before sending.
  • Turn off “track changes” before sending (if used).
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style when citing sources:
  • Include your name, position, school name, school district, city, e-mail, and any position held in WLMA.
  • Submit a photo of yourself as a separate file in jpeg or tiff format (see Photographs and Graphics below).

Copyrighted Articles

If your article has a copyright, please send the MEDIUM Editor a letter giving WLMA permission to use the article for a specific issue.

Photographs and Graphics

Photographs and graphics add interest to the article. Submit all graphics as digital images. Print requires high quality digital images. Please submit only images with 270 dpi or greater and saved in jpeg or tiff format. Please include a caption identifying the people or activity and submit as a separate text file.


Submit all items as e-mail attachments at the following address:

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