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Fall 2013 Get it in Gear! Conference Issue

Spring 2013 Reading Advocacay

PDF Versions:WLMA_E-MEDIUM_Spring2013v37n3.pdf

 Winter 2013 Empowering Student Learning: Information Literacy

Fall 2012 Empower Student Learning: Conference Issue

PDF Version E-MEDIUM_Fall2012_v37n1.pdf

Spring 2012 Empowered Learning: Reading and Literacy

Winter 2012 Dynamic LIT: Information Management Services

PDF Version   E-MEDIUM_Winter2012v36n2.pdf

Updated Fall 2011 V36N1 for Conference

PDF Version E-MEDIUM Fall 2011 V36N1 Conference Update11 Oct 2011.pdf

Conference Information and Session Pages Only

PDF Version E-MEDIUM Fall 2011 V36N1 Conference Update Information and Sessions Only.pdf 

Fall 2011 VOL 36 NO. 1
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