Teacher-Librarian Evaluations

We've all  been concerned about the three approved instructional frameworks being used around the state for the teacher librarian evaluation process.  At the January 19th Executive Committee meeting at CWU, the following position was approved unanimously.  Many thanks to our TPEP committee chairperson, Sarah Applegate for  contributing her time and effort to make this happen.
  • WLMA believes that Teacher-Librarians should be evaluated as certificated teachers under the new teacher evaluation procedures since our primary focus should be improving student learning.
  • WLMA understands that there are three approved instructional frameworks around the state for use in the evaluation process.
  • WLMA is pleased that there is a specific rubric for Teacher-Librarians using the Charlotte Danielson framework and encourages members to use this rubric if their district has adopted the Danielson model. 
  • WLMA also believes Teacher-Librarians across the state should use the LIT document to help evaluate their library programs.
  • WLMA would encourage its members to bargain locally with district administrators to use the Danielson rubric for Teacher-Librarians if they are a Marzano or UW CEL district.  (There is currently a question about this as we have heard from one district who said that this is not an option.  According to RCW 28A.405.100 6(e), “The superintendent of public instruction shall establish a process for approving minor modifications or adaptations to a preferred leadership framework that may be proposed by a school district.”  We will check on this specific question.)
There is a Facebook group that has been started to have ongoing conversations about this topic.  If WLMA members are interested in joining, please contact Jessica Von Wendel at vonwendelj@rainier.wednet.edu
Leigh Lohrasbi

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