Small Districts and Private Schools

Hello fellow librarians of private schools and small districts:


This is a brief update about what is going on with Libraries and Librarians at the state and national level, why you should care, and how you can get involved.

As you are well aware, school libraries across our state and nation are being decimated by budget cuts.  This hits everyone – students, teachers, our own children, the future of our profession.  Active collaboration is taking place both at the state and national level to create common core standards (including information literacy) and to align library and technology where it makes the most sense. 

  • Senate bill 2261 spelled out the recommendation of using funding in school libraries – but it does not require that school districts do that.  More work yet to be done.  Your efforts, combined with WLMA, can make a difference.
  • Both public and private school librarians are encouraged to invite legislators to their schools to see libraries in action.  If you invite them, they will probably come. Every little bit helps and shows them what is happening in our libraries.  Every stone creates a ripple.
  • Apply to attend Coach Your Colleagues professional development opportunities . These full-day workshops will be about the EdTech Standards and Assessments, with the goal of providing educators with resources and tools to support implementation in their own buildings and districts. OSPI will only reimburse travel (mileage, meals) and lodging for private school librarians [Not for substitute coverage].
  • WLMA is looking for representatives to AASL.  We encourage you to get involved!
  • Visit WLMA’s updated website (it’s awesome!) to see links to all of the great work going on out there.  Find helpful support to defend your library…put your library on the snapshot map…be a part of the Feb 15 Legislative Day…so much you can do!


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