WLMA members once again helped lead a group of Washington State library associations to promote Library Snapshot Day efforts to document a day in the life libraries. Scoress of K12 school, public, academic and special libraries joined in our 2013 effort during National Library Month.

What a simple idea! 
Choose one "day in the life" of your library, snap and share photos of all the things that go on everyday in your library. Spread the word.  It's easy to "get in the picture" advocating for your library. Use this link to join us. 
Visit the WA Library Snapshot Wiki for information, ideas and publicity resources!

Have Fun and Share your Library Snapshot in a Video or Multimedia.

To help promote Library Snapshot Day 2013, Mackin has generously donated 3 grade-level appropriate e-book package worth $995-$1295 to the top Elementary, Middle School and High School representations of a Library Snapshot Day 2013 in video or other multimedia format. This will also include MARC records for downloading and a MackinVIA account for all 3 recipients.
Here's last year's winner, from Issaquah SchoolsIt was a hands-down winner against a rubric of: 
1) showing students, staff and/or special guests2) highlighting Snapshot Day data and library programming,3) representing elements of the WLMA LIT document (attached core document for school librarians here in WA)4) a bonus "self-selected feature" category (This winning entry from Issaquah represented data from multiple schools, essentially representing a district's elementary schools.)
We have a panel of 3 judges awaiting your video/photostory/multimedia offering that addresses this 4 point rubric. Given the many demands on librarians time during the business at the end of school year, we will extend the submission window open until July 15th.  We have decided to extend the deadline for submission and final decision on elementary, middle and high school submissions window through the end of this school year to allow TLs to broaden the "snapshot" and to allow K12 teacher librarians to share highlights, year-end summaries or other "day in the life of our libraries" multimedia impressions of their school library programs.

Submit your link via the Snapshot Facebook page by June 1st.

Get Inspired with this video snapshot from last year from Issaquah School Libraries.

Check the 2012 Snapshot Map showing the 84 K-12 Libraries (in blue) who participated in WALibrarySnapshot in 2012.  Add your school to the map by signing up for 2013 with this link.

View WA Library Snapshot Day 2012 in a larger map

Many terrific, tagged photos from participating schools have been shared via  Flickr share site and Snapshot Day Facebook pages. 

Questions or requests for help can be directed to the WA Library Snapshot Day wiki 
to WLMA Advocacy Chair Sara Glass or  Craig Seasholes  who has coordinated WLMA's involvement in Snapshot Day these past two years.
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